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AD-S321/324-II Modules (Discontinued)

AD-S321/324-II Modules (Discontinued)

AD-S321/324-II Modules (Discontinued)


    For the manufacture of digital load cells, weighing indicators, process control weighing instruments, tensile testing machine, and other weighing or force measuring occasions.

    Features and Specifications:

★ OperatingVoltage: 24V DC ;

★  Measuring range: ±15mV   

★  A/D Resolution:1000000    

★  Temperature coefficient:≤5ppm/℃(typical)    

★ HardwareInterface: RS-485interface, half-duplex.    

★ Software Protocol: SeTAQ Freeport / Modbus RTU 

★  Dimensions(mm):Rectangle:86×55×18    

★ A/D conversion,digital calibration, tare, zero setting/tracking, switch-on zero setting,anti-dithering;    

★  All the parameters can be set through serialinterface;    

★  Module addresses are availablefrom 0 to 31. Modules can work through bus communication;    

★ Baud rate,parity bit and data output format can be set. 1200~38400bps;    

★  Digital filtering: standard filtering or LPF;    

★ Samplingspeed: 3.125~400Hz;    

★ Storage ofthe parameters with protection against power failure;    

★  Operating Current:≤40mA;

★ Complete protection: wrong wiring protection, overvoltage protection, transient voltage suppression;    

★ Operating temperature range: -40℃~+70℃; Storage temperature range: -60℃~+90℃